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How To Dominate Google

Top 12 Tricks For Google Domination

Ranking at the top to dominate Google SERPs has grown a lot more difficult because they’ve brought out several quality metrics to filter second-rate web pages from its rankings.

Is it now not possible to manipulate Google’s results? The good news is that it’s still entirely possible, it’s just a little harder.

Google will drop a site discovered to be influencing its SERPs results using low quality optimization strategies. Google has substantially increased the Continue reading

First Aid In The Workplace

First Aid At Work

Employers today are obliged by law to ensure that they have adequate provision for first aid, with appropriate equipment, facilities, and responsible individuals capable of giving first aid to co-employees should they fall ill or are injured in the workplace.

Although many regulations do not apply to small businesses with five or less employees, the necessity for adequate first aid, available at all hours of work, is still a legal requirement.

Employers must establish first aid capacity and capability to suit the circumstances of the workplace. It could be that Continue reading

Secure Online Shopping & Staying Safe

Shopping Online Securely

The growth of online shopping has grown year on year since its conception some 20 years ago. The advances in technology have gone hand in hand with the phenomena in a chicken and egg sort of way.

As the market gets bigger and bigger and the associated amounts of money involved (currently in the UK, in excess of £100 billion per year) so the interests of those with Continue reading

Highway Construction & Equipment

Highway Construction

Highways are arteries along which, after construction, interaction leads to development of the social hubs conjoined.

Roads have been designed and built by civilisations for thousands of years. Road building took place in ancient Egypt and Abyssinia up to 4 thousand years ago.

The Romans took road construction to new standards with Continue reading

Cyber Security for Financial Institutions

Financial Systems Cyber Security

Banking security traditionally is heavy on iron bars and impressive safes. The concept of those with robbery in mind would be toting a sawn-off shotgun and masks.

Times change. Wherever there is a concentration of money, so human nature will produce those who think nothing of the law, and have no qualms in trying to help themselves to it.

The changing nature of finance and the digital society have brought the concept of cybersecurity to the fore, where “Mac the knife” might Continue reading

Common Motoring Offences

Top Ten Most Prosecuted Motoring Offences

Lawyers who deal with all areas of criminal law won’t always know the intricate legal arguments that can be used successfully to protect your licence if you have been accused of any of the driving offences below; Continue reading